Thursday, May 12, 2011

How do we show honor?

We know what honor is - it is freely given because of what God has done for us. Honor means to value. We know who we honor- everyone. Those that lead us, that are alongside us, and even those beneath us.

Honor is a language and a lifestyle. We can show honor by what we say and how we act. So, how can you communicate honor to someone in your life this week?
  • Serve with passion- Go above and beyond. Have the "and then some" attitude. Who is there in your life that you could serve with a little more umph in order to show that you value them?
  • Defer your preference-  Give in. Allow someone else to make a decision where you will eat dinner this week.
  • Pay attention- I remember when I was little and my dad came home from work. I couldn't get out the door fast enough to run and throw my arms around his neck. Now, our attention is chin to our chest with our eyes focused on the constant flow of text messages. Who is there in your life that you could be more intentional to engage with this week?
  • Give with thoughtfulness- Pick someone in your life. Have you heard them say something recently that they would really like to have? Go get it. Or what about meeting a need for someone. Giving isn't sacrifice until it hurts.
  • Speak with affection- Not just to their face, but behind their back too. Often times, unexpressed gratitude communicates ingratitude. Who are you so thankful for in your heart that you have not expressed with your lips?
  • Look past offenses- Sometimes the best honor comes through forgiveness. Put something behind you.
Honor is a language and a lifestyle. How will you communicate it this week?

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