Monday, September 26, 2011

The Process

I've always been driven by results. The scoreboard didn't matter until the clock hit 0:00. The project wasn't completed until I turned it in. Point A is great. But Point B is what matters. That's what I've always thought...

The last three months have completely rocked my way of thinking about this. I saw DC as the end, and I wanted to get there. That was what mattered. I had no idea how much I would learn in the process. I've been stretched. I've grown. I've been forced to give up control and be dependent on God. I learned what it meant to finish well. I found the importance of honoring those around me.

So, I have started a new chapter in my journey. Along with it will come challenges, successes, failures, adventures, and probably even some frustrations. But I can already say that it is worth it because just the process of getting here caused me to be more like Jesus Christ. And THAT is what really matters.

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