Friday, November 11, 2011

Voices from the Crowd

My parents didn't say much. They trusted my coach usually. But sometimes, my dad's voice boomed. Sometimes my mom would stand nervously. They rarely questioned, but when they did, it was hard not to listen.

Most of us have seen "those parents". The ones that yell plays to their kids from the stands. "Get back on defense!" Usually those parents aren't aware that during the last timeout your coach told you to full-court press on the next made basket. "Shoot the ball." Usually those parents aren't aware that before the game your coach commanded that you pass 5 times before a shot was taken. So who do you listen to?

I think it's a question worth asking in our everyday lives. Who do you listen to?

Do you listen to the people in the crowd (who may have your best interest in mind) who are unaware of what God is doing in your life. Or do you choose to tune them out and have selective hearing reserved for the most important voice- God.

Now, don't get me wrong. I think it is important- and Biblical- to listen to the people in our lives. I think God uses the voices of the people around us to communicate truth when it's hard, encouragement when we need it, and correction when it's the last thing we want. But, I am also aware that there is a danger in that.

Don't get so focused on the voices in the crowd that they boom over the voice of your coach.

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